Tim Collins

Glasgow Sculpture Studios is a community of theory, practice and critical dialogue. Sculptors are deeply engaged with the material world and this is important to the way that Tim Collins and Reiko Goto work. Their creative inquiry is informed by reading and thinking about ecology; species interacting with material flows and things in an environment. Objects are merely sensible tangible things that garner attention, meaning, action and feelings. Elemental forces interact with the material world but have no meaning until humanity notices, and sees or, feels them, names them and grapples with their relational qualities. Sculpture for Collins and Reiko Goto is a way of being in the world.


Tim Collins (PhD, MFA, BFA) is an artist, author and planner in the Collins & Goto Studio. He works across disciplines to develop creative projects related to landscape, science, culture and public space. He describes his work as socially and environmentally engaged research (SEER). Incorporating collaboration, critical analysis and deliberative future imaginaries. He is currently collaborating with an anthropologist and a social scientist on rural landscape and forestry. He has established a working relationship with an environmental scientist and a landscape architect to pursue public art and planning projects with a specific interest in urban and post-industrial rivers and landscapes.

Video works accompanying images (from top to bottom):

The Space between… https://vimeo.com/158953286

The Forest is Moving https://vimeo.com/82371672

Breadalbane Deliberation http://www.summerhall.tv/2015/the-breadalbane-deliberation/

Interactive Panoramic test https://vimeo.com/169016392