Thom Rees

Thom Rees’s practice explores shape and form through process and material appropriated from domestic environments and their associated phenomena. The phenomenological investigation of ambiguity and a speculative approach to the observation of lived spaces create the framework of his practice. His work focusses on the visual interpretation of both the material and immaterial world of a social and physical space, situated within the boundaries of consciousness and subconsciousness. Through ambiguous objects and large scale sculpture, structural and formalistic gestures, as well as situations Rees invites the audience to experience the work through apperception and affect.


Thom Rees is a visual artist living and working in Glasgow. In 2016, he graduated from Glasgow School of Art’s MLitt Sculpture and in 2008 from the Printmaking department of The University of Brighton. His work shifts between 2D, 3D and installation, within the gallery and public space.