Reiko Goto

Reiko Goto‘s artistic subject matter is the life of nature. By contemplating nature, artist renews her own identity. Her ecological and environmental art practice involves two attempts; one is to ask nature, and the other is to enter into a community with nature, to seek its support with other people. Reiko would like to attempt to become native to this place that she occupies now. She seeks relationships with people and living things that have been or are becoming native to this place as well as a community of emphatic interrelationship and care. Her artwork charts the path of this creative inquiry.


Reiko Goto (PhD, MFA, BFA) is an artist author and designer in the Collinsand Goto Studio. Reiko is an environmental artist and researcher interested in the relationship between living things and the environment. Her early artwork dealt with native flora and fauna, invasive species and other small creatures. The work took the form of installations, performances and public art.  Currently her art practice is based on empathic relationships with living things; recent efforts involve reconsideration of the empathic elements of older work. She continues an interest in Caledonian pine forests and is developing an experimental new work in collaboration with a native-breed horseShe has recently established a working relationship with Prof Emily Brady a philosopher of ethics and aesthetics; and Prof Francoise Wemelsfelder who studies animals as sentient beings; conversations are underway with an as yet unconfirmed art and science curator.