Lauren Gault

Lauren Gault considers the political and ethical implications of our interactions with matter and the environment. Her work evokes intangible encounters with non-human experiences of time, space and physicality. In her sculptures, materials as diverse as silicone rubber, blown glass, pumped air, stitched suede, water or agricultural milk powder are subject to change through actions and physical processes that often involve pressure, tension and release. Exploring the transitions between different states of matter and scales of experience, Lauren's work creates a space for objects to communicate and resonate with one another.


Recent solo exhibitions include: ‘O-n’, The Workbench, Milan curated by David Dale Gallery,; ‘drye eyes’, Grand Union, Birmingham (both 2019); ‘present C0mpany’, CCA Derry~Londonderry (2018); Prairie Underground, Seattle (2017); Rinomina, Paris (2016). Her work has been featured at Glasgow International (with Sarah Rose, 2018); ØY Festival, Papa Westray, Orkney; Baltic 39, Newcastle (all 2017); Glasgow International (2016); Frutta, Rome; Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh; CCA Glasgow (all 2015); SALTS, Basel (2014). Upcoming projects include solo exhibitions at Gasworks, London and The Tetley, Leeds both 2020.