Lauren Fox

Lauren Fox makes things to inspire curiosity. There is a language in metal that allows her to create fuid and gentle shapes from tough and sometimes unforgiving material – this contrast is always a motivation, and a tension that is where she starts from. She is inspired by her love of the underwater world, and driven by a sense of adventure and possibility. Her work is sometimes realistic, sometimes fantastical, but always playful – and for Fox there is a joy in creating jellyfish that looks back at you, or rockets that can never fly, but have individual personalities.


Lauren Fox studied sculpture in Barcelona, returning to Scotland and working as an apprentice welder in a steel yard in Leith, Edinburgh. She holds degrees in Social Anthropology (University of Edinburgh) and Art Psychotherapy (Queen Margaret) as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Sculpture & Studio Arts (Metafora, Barcelona). She has collaborated with other artists on a number of projects, and has recently produced a feature documentary, 16 Years Till Summer.

Lauren works as a sculptor & art therapist in Glasgow, where she currently lives.