jimmie durham


16 April –04 September 2010

Jimmie Durham presented his first solo exhibition of new work in Scotland, as part of the 2010 Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. Universal Miniature Golf (The Promised Land) comprised of sculptural and photographic works, documentation, drawings and text all made during his three-month Production Residency at Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

Traditionally Durham’s practice has seen him make work influenced by the location of its conception and fabrication. In Universal Miniature Golf (The Promised Land) the artist took as a general point of departure, Scotland (its history and culture) and its connection with golf, referencing a number of historic and contemporary issues, whilst intertwining the histories of the Scots and his own people.

Though imbued with political relevance, the work also manifests a typically absurdist Durham sense of humour. Text-based pieces played with Scottish historical and cultural figures, and well-known objects, many scavenged by Durham, were re-worked and re-presented. As always with Durham’s work, when the smile fades the serious issues remain.

The exhibition was accompanied by a commissioned text I hope that this does not give you the wrong idea by writer and curator, Robert Blackson.

Jimmie Durhams’ Talks Programme featured the artist himself, Jonathan Bonfiglio independent writer and producer, Dr Dominic Paterson curator and art historian, curators Danielle Arnaud Jordan Kaplan, artist and writer Ross Birrell, poet Kei Miller and Ranald MacInnes Principal Inspector at Historic Scotland.