Haegue Yang

Haegue Yang
10 June – 13 September 2013

Glasgow Sculpture Studios has invited internationally acclaimed Korean artist Haegue Yang to participate in a Production Residency and Exhibition at GSS. This is the first time that Yang’s work has been exhibited in Scotland. The residency provides Yang with space for research, development and the production of new work. Yang has been consistently creating more complex and innovative projects in recent years. She is an artist that continuously pushes the boundaries of her practice engaging with new methodologies and ways of making.

GSS’ extensive range of processes and facilities for working with a variety of materials will enable the artist to continue her investigations into the displacement of everyday objects and her reflection on the conditions under which they have been brought together. Her works often incorporate innovative technologies with traditional craft techniques, which provide an interesting juxtaposition of old and new, low-fi and high-tech. Her installations typically create a sensory experience for the viewer. We anticipate that Yang’s project will utilize and challenge the modes of production available to her at GSS and create something truly innovative.

Typically Yang works with a range of different organisations and expertise that help to her to create her sculptures and installations. As GSS’ has a wide-range of facilities, including a recently developed digital production facility that investigates new technological advancements in sculptural practice, Yang will be able to work with in-house equipment and our skilled technicians to create her work with more first-hand involvement in one place. This project provides a unique chance to combine the high-end technological work with the more traditional craft-making disciplines of ceramics, wood inlay and macramé using GSS’ facilities. This offers Yang the occasion to push her practice further and truly experiment with combining her usual techniques with new ones and in greater and more innovative ways than she has previously had the opportunity to explore.

Glasgow Sculpture Studios is a membership organisation that receives revenue funding from Creative Scotland and Glasgow Life. This exhibition is generously supported by Creative Scotland, Arts and Business New Work Grant Scotland, FEARSOMENGINE, Outset Scotland, Arts Council Korea, Global Experience Specialists (GES) Ltd and Tiger Beer.