gut feeling

For Nicolas Deshayes solo exhibition in the gallery, Darling, Gutter, in December 2015 we invited artist duo Pester and Rossi to develop a unique performance workshop in response to the work in the exhibition.

Deshayes presented a series of sculptures that functioned as radiators with each attached to the existing water pipes in the gallery, creating a cycle between sculpture, building, and industrial boiler. Akin to the human body’s network of singular organs with individual functions that are connected through the body’s central nervous system, the warm sculptures operated by feeding parasitically from the stronger, larger organism of the institution.

Collaborating with musician Sarah Kenchington and dance artist Satya Dunning, Pester and Rossi created a space for collective activity exploring ideas relating to the transformation of matter and the body’s digestive system. With participation from school children and local families, together they animated and became part of a live being, performing with homemade props, costume, musical instruments, voice and movement.

This strange and wonderful artistic journey performed and explored our perceptions of the gut, its functions within our bodies and minds, and its connection to our instincts and intuition.

Supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.
With thanks to Ruby Pester, Nadia Rossi, Satya Duning and Sarah Kenchington.