Eothen Stearn

Eothen Stearn’s art roams between the intimacy of personal relations, the detail of everyday life, music, Feminism, Queerness and art-making. Eothen is interested in craft, memory, emotions and modalities of speech. Within Eo’s practice a space is made to dissemble hierarchies, so to look into the conditioning of bodies. The work produced questions social responsibilities and the intersection between private and public. Much of Eo’s research stems from Feminist acts, and Eo’s own genealogical associations with change. Eo’s practice incorporates sculptures, performance and sound, which although appearing different from each other in their materiality’s and temporalities, are made of the same attitude, one that looks into everyday politics.


Eothen Stearn (b.1987, UK) studied the MFA program at The Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) in 2017 and received a cum laude award. After graduating, Eo received CBK Funding in Holland for her project, ’50 years living within Foucault’s heterotopias’. Whereby 6-month research was transformed into a solo sculpture show. In 2014, Eo attended The School of the DamnedIn 2010 she obtained her BA from Goldsmiths University. Eo had the privilege to attend two interships in America. One in Curation of Media and Performance Art, at MoMA, (NYC) and another working for artist Andrea Zittel (California). Since moving to Scotland in March, Eo has participated in several events. Notably the collaborative work A public library of and for listening for Glasgow Internation which took place at the Mitchell Library; ROMANTI-CRASH! Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh and Mutters, a Feminist exhibition situated at New Victoria Gardens, Pollockshields, Glasgow. Eo has an upcoming exhibition at Studio Omstand in Arnhem, (The Netherlands).