Early Learners

Early Learners is an ongoing project developed with Home-Start Glasgow North and Early Learning.

Early Learning is an on-going project led by Katy West and Mhari McMullan that explores the legacy of Friedrich Froebel’s Kindergarten educational method through workshops, events and unique commissions from artist fathers and their young children.

Home-Start Glasgow North work in our local area to support and empower vulnerable families, helping them grow in confidence and resilience, and to build strong relationships within the family and in the wider community.

 In collaboration with artists Nick Evans and Owen Piper, Home-Start’s Dads & Family Groups worked together to develop a series of functional plaster wall clocks and their own potato printed fabrics that were then transformed into lampshades. We can’t wait to start hatching more plans together over the coming months!


Huge thanks to Mary McConnell and all the Home-Start Families, Staff, and Volunteers; Katy West, Mhari McMullen, Nick Evans, Owen Piper, Elianor Oudjedi, Poppy Nash, Tommaso Ranfagni, Florence Dwyer; Alan Dimmick for the documentation and to our funders Esmee Fairbairn Foundation & Glasgow Connected Arts Network for their support.