carla scott fullerton


05 November – 30 January 2009

Carla Scott Fullerton’s year-long Graduate Fellowship culminated in November 2009, with the presentation of new work in Gallery 1 at GSS, as well as an ambitious outdoor work.

Fullerton’s work directly experiments with the limits of processes and qualities of materials. She is interested in the combined usage of old and new materials to make more fluid, contemporary formations and allowing the materials to take on their own form. Devoid of their usual restrictions and through the irregular and unpredictable processes of pouring and burning the work is deliberately imperfect and free of the expected forms governed by the traditional notions of architecture.

The Graduate Fellowship provided Fullerton with the opportunity to embark upon the production of her first large scale outdoor work. Constructed from rebar and over two tonnes of concrete the sculpture invited the viewer to question the way in which the materials are presented and how they move around and view the work.

A commissioned text by writer Joanna Fiduccia accompanied the show. 

The exhibition was supported by The Hope Scott Trust & The Arts Trust. The exhibition preview was sponsored by Glenfiddich.