Bobby Niven

Bobby Niven was the recipient of the artist exchange between GSS and Triangle France in 2012. He was shortlisted by a panel in Glasgow before being selected by a reciprocal team in Marseille. Bobby was based at Triangle France for three months.

Bobby’s practice has been concerned with the processes of mimesis, misrecognition, simulacrum and entropy. His work had been predominantly sculpture based, revealing psychological repercussions of these different forms of transformation through a combination of found, perturbed and sculpted objects. He is interested in the concept of inform and the process of undoing objects and ones preconceptions of them, disturbing the distinction between the animate and the inert. Over the past two years he has produced three film works, the most recent of which sees the marriage of the film work with the sculpture work. Making investigations into entropic places using a combination of film, artefacts and sculpture, drawing influence from the stories and histories of places and using these influences as starting points for projects.