Baldvin Ringsted

Baldvin Ringsted creates connections or translations from one medium to another in an attempt to make “sense” of the world in some way. He has a musical background both academically and as a working musician which he can’t help but draw experiences from in his practice as a visual artist. The starting point or subject of his work usually relates to the culture, history or mathematical qualities of music in one form or another.

His practice crosses a range of media, he transforms sound and music into visual and physical forms both literally and idealistically through  collage, sculpture, sound installations, and video. He also turns this process around i.e. use ideas or objects as a source for sound.

He usually sets up the concept or the “script” to a new piece much like a composer would write out a score before handing it out to be performed.  In that sense his practice rarely relies on chance or improvisation. He does however feel that, much like in the performance of written sheet music, there is always something unexpected or “human” that happens or transcends the original idea in the production stage of each work.


Baldvin Ringsted (b. Akureyri, Iceland) graduated from Akureyri School of Art in 2004 prior to which he studied jazz theory at the F.I.H. school of music in Reykjavik, Iceland. He graduated from the MFA at The Glasgow School of Art in 2007. Recent solo exhibitions include In Praise of The Morning Star, Arch One, Glasgow (2012), Low Growl, +44 141 Gallery, SWG3, Glasgow (2010), BPM, Martos Gallery, New York (2010), National Anthems Akureyri, Iceland (2007) and xenochrony Populus Tremula Iceland (2007). Recent group exhibitions include Global/Lokal, Akureyri Museum of Art (2012), Oops Apocalypse, Occupy Space, Limerick Ireland (2011), Meet me at the bottom of the pool, Martos Gallery, New York (2010), Baldvin Ringsted and Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir: The Raw and the Cooked, Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow (2009), Die.Die,Die, Transmission Glasgow 2009, DER AUTORITÄT Arnheim Kunstverein and Mi contra Fa, Glasgow Cathedral part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2008. Ringsted has also worked as a rock and experimental musician. He is currently the Studio/Production Manager at Jim Lambie Studio Glasgow.