Yann Antonucci

Yann Antonucci joined the Arte Povera group defying the consumer society. His sculptures are made of wood, stones, and cables and represent constellations of stars.


Yann Antonucci is a Glasgow based artist and sculptor. Born in Dreux, France (1969) he studied fine arts at the Academie de Port-Royal, Paris (1991) and Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-Arts, Paris (1995), Paris and architecture and design at the Ecole d’Architecture, Montpellier (2001). Yann completed a residency in 1994 with Jo Ben Jr. the international Indian Navaro and a residency at WASPs, Glasgow (2013).  Yann is passionate about wood and Japanese woodwork, inspired by George Nakashima.   In his spare time he practices Japanese martial art kendo at Glasgow Taisidokai.