Tom Allan

Over the past fifteen years Tom Allan‘s work has been mainly concerned with developing a modern approach to making sculpture in stone. With this aim the artist has worked with stone carvers in Scotland and marble sculptors in Carrara, where he made contacts with many international artists. Through participating in and organising a series of symposia Tom has extended his knowledge and outlook to stone sculpture. Artist’s approach unites the immediacy of direct carving by manual methods with the use of many mechanical aids, concentrating on the expression of the essence of the image, concept or emotion in a suitable form.  Tom Allan also gets great pleasure and fulfilment out of teaching stone sculpture classes.


Tom Allan is a professional sculptor, trained at Glasgow School of Art and in Italy. Elected Associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 2006. Tom sees stone sculpture as an expressive art form, shaping material to convey emotion.  He has exhibited throughout Britain, and has participated in many sculpture symposia, organising four in Scotland. This year he was invited to travel to the USA to create a large granite sculpture for the city of Nashua, New Hampshire. Tom works in Glasgow and Carrara. His sculptures are in public and private collections in Europe, Australia, and the Americas.