Straiph Wilson

Straiph Wilson is a self-taught contemporary Scottish artist creating art independently of the art world canon. He represents a new generations of self-taught artists whose work remains relatively obscure but accessible. His current practice focuses on what is commonly called Art Brut, Outsider, or non-mainstream. Wilson is interested in the relationship between ritual and power within an evolutionary time-frame and creating religious objects from these ideas. His art practice attempts to go beyond or behind customary established dogma, in order to satisfy a need which certain individuals have to experience the intersection between science, religion and belief.


Straiph Wilson‘s practice tugs on influences from his long working career as a technician in the field of behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology; this encompasses the study of organic diversity, including its origins, dynamics, maintenance and consequences. This has allowed him an inquisitive foundation to build his own interpretations upon nature as the observer though his art work.