Shirley Wilson

Much of Shirley Wilson‘s work is inspired by the environment and the spaces we inhabit, be they architectural or landscape: man-made or natural.  Wilson enjoys the flexibility of working with a variety of materials and have in the past used wax, wood, plastic, metal, fabric and a found shopping trolley.  She recently became interested in studies surrounding the ‘Anthropocene’ – the belief that it is human-led activities which have adversely affected the planet.  This interest has also begun to filter into much of her recent work and is a topic she hopes to continue to study further, going forward.


Shirley Wilson was born in Aberdeenshire in the 1970s.  Her early career led her to become a manager of a busy well-known accountancy firm in Glasgow.  She had studied art at high school but was persuaded by well-meaning parents and guidance teachers to walk a different path.  Following the birth of her second daughter and her transition to primary school she asked herself what she would do if she had the choice, return to an office environment or instead pursue the subject she had loved most at school. There was no contest!  Shirley found a course at Anniesland College and began studying art full time in the Autumn of 2012.  Two years later she was lucky enough to secure a placement at GSA studying Sculpture & Environmental Art, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art this summer.  Though fresh out of art school, Shirley has already taken part in a number of exhibitions which ran concurrently with her studies.  Wilson is looking forward to what the future might bring.