Paul Deslandes

Paul Deslandes is an issue-based artist working primarily in sculpture. His work is thoroughly informed by in-depth research enabled by cross-disciplinary collaborations. The work is visually arresting, but it is it’s visceral and tactile quality creating a tension between the object and the observer that engages the viewer. Using an array of materials chosen to embody the work’s thematic, Paul creates large scale sculptural installations that play both on materiality and spatiality.


Paul Deslandes was born in Paris, France in 1989. He studied portraiture in London, and completed a MA at the Glasgow School of Arts. Paul exhibits regularly in the UK and in Europe. He now lives and works in Glasgow. Recent shows include New work from Glasgow, UCC, Cork, 2015; Up a Bit and to the Right, ROM8, Bergen, 2015; Up Down and Around, Gallery of Modern Arts, Glasgow, 2015.