Nancy Dewhurst

Play is an incubator for serious thought. This philosophy reflects both Nancy Dewhurst‘s working processes and finished art works. Primarily she creates mixed-media participatory installations. Her most recent installation – Clesydra:

1. a tin bath, filled with water. In / on the water are ceramic bowls with holes in the bottom. These gradually sink and are ‘re-set’ by participants.
2. a water powered TV: participants pour water into a wooden bowl which activates a film.
3. instructional posters hang on hooks.

To create these works Nancy used: mig welding, slip casting, a wood lathe, a jigsaw, soldering, coding, risograph printing and etching.


Nancy Dewhurst (b.1994, Oxford) has recently graduated with a First Class honours in Sculpture and Environmental Art from the Glasgow School of Art. She creates playful, mixed-media, participatory systems (installations) which necessitate the activation of the viewer for their completion. Often these respond to a specific site, context or community, and combine the digital and the hand-made. For her degree show work, Dewhurst was asked to exhibit at RSA: New Contemporaries, and awarded with the Graduate Award from the Society of Scottish Artists, and the Steven Campbell Hunt Medal for Poetic Creativity.