Minty Donald

Minty Donald’s practice is an attempt to understand what it means to be ‘human’ in a more-than-human universe. Her work is context-specific and takes multiple forms including performance, writing, ‘ephemeral’ and ‘permanent’ installation. She works regularly with (human) collaborator Nick Millar. Her practice currently focuses on human-water relations and interdependencies.


Minty Donald is an artist and lecturer/researcher in Contemporary Performance Practice at the University of Glasgow. Recent and forthcoming work includes: Then/Now, a public art commission with Neil McGuire and Nick Millar made for/with the Forth and Clyde Canal in Glasgow (2016); ‘The Performance “Apparatus’’’, an essay for Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism (2016); Water Carry and Water Map, performances/installations with Nick Millar commissioned for ArtCOP Scotland (2015); Watermeets, a performance/installation with Nick Millar for the Environmental Art Festival, Scotland (2015); ‘Guddling About’, a photo-essay for Performance Research(2015); Guddling About: Govan, a performance/installation with Nick Millar for Buzzcut Festival (2015). Minty’s previous work as a scenographer and artist includes collaborations with performance artist Adrian Howells (The Garden of Adrian, 2008 and Lifeguard, 2012); curation of collaborative project High-Slack-Low-Slack-High for Glasgow International, 2012 (with John Cavanagh, Douglas Moreland, Nick Millar, Nichola Scrutton and Hanna Tuulikki); film installation with Nick Millar commissioned for Commonwealth Cultural Programme, Bridging Part 2, 2014 and solo exhibition, Glimmers in Limbo, Tramway, 2008.