Lois Anderson

Lois Anderson is a letter carver, working primarily in stone. Her practice is built around themes of remembrance, craft, organic material and typography.  She combines stone masonry, typography and concrete poetry. Lois works full time to commission for bespoke memorials. Beyond this, she does architectural letter carving and one-off pieces of decorative art and design.


Lois Anderson is a London based letter-carver, working from her studio in Islington.  She studied letter-carving for 2 years at Weymouth College and then worked for Richard Kindersley as an assistant in his London studio for a further 2 years. She also does applied lettering on buildings and is the stone-carver to the RIBA, updating the lettering at their building at Portland Place. Lois make one off pieces of letter carving which she puts into exhibitions. She does these to experiment with different forms of lettering (hand drawn letters and typefaces) and materials. She often works in collaboration with other lettering artists, carvers and designers.