Laura Aldridge

Laura Aldridge works with a broad range of media; photography, textiles,
ceramics and glass are all incorporated into a sculptural practice that she
describes as an expanded form of collage. Aldridge’s installations explore
the double-bind of subjectivity and objectivity, making versus experiencing, viewing versus participating. Her most recent installations emphasise display and presentation, exploring her own intuitive response to material and physicality. Her sculptures invite an impulsive response
that is interrupted by the barrier of not being able to physically engage
with the work itself. At this intersection Aldridge allows the intuitive and
the sensory to unfold.


Laura Aldridge lives and works in Glasgow. Recent solo exhibitions include Go Woman Go! British Council UK/NG, Abuja (2017); Inside all my activities,
Koppe Astner, Glasgow (2016); One-to-another, One-to-one, Passerelle
Centre D’Art Contemporain, Brest (2015); California wow!, Tramway,
Glasgow (2015); Underside, backside, inside, even, CCA, Glasgow (2012);
Studio Voltaire, London (2011). Group shows include Plant Scenery of The
World, Inverleith House, Edinburgh; Things That Soak You, Kate MacGarry,
London; 31 Women, Bresse Little, London; Production Show: Artists
Houses, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2017); Jack and Diane, Kate
Werble Gallery, New York; DIDING – An Interior That Remains an Exterior,
Künstlerhaus, Graz (2015) and Earth Minutes, Andrew Kreps, New York