Jennifer Argo

Jennifer Argo’s work looks at the natural world and geological time in relation to changing environments. She is interested in how we can draw inspiration from the natural world for a more sustainable future, creating closed cycles of resource management, more durable structures in the built environment, and creating stronger, more sustainable self-sufficient communities that work together, on a local and global basis, as we face increasing environmental and socio-political challenges. She documents changing environments, through photography, sculpture, illustration and installation, and strong networks, structures and systems in the natural world. She creates meticulous hyper-detailed illustrations of geological and botanical formations, capturing the complexity of structures that exist at both micro and macro scales. Her sculptures highlight the bare frameworks of dynamic natural forms, examples of resilience, strength and longevity in their simplest form, and interdependent systems that support life.


Jennifer Argo is an artist from the North East of Scotland. She won the Deutsche Bank award for Creative Enterprise in 2012, received a commendation award from the Glasgow Institute of Architects for an urban sanctuary in 2015, and the JD Ferguson Award for Travel for a research and documentation trip to sites of ecological, and geological interest in 2016. She took park in Pick Me Up Selects at Somerset House in London in 2015, showcasing environmentally inspired illustrative work. Argo is an arts educator, who has worked with community groups and arts organisations around Scotland. She led a group of architects, designers, artists and community workers at Hello Wood Project Village design festival in Hungary in 2015, in the production of a rural sanctuary space. She is due to undertake a sculptural residency at Sculpture Space in 2020.