Jane McInally

Observation and time are key components of Jane McInally‘s work and practice, and work is often made in response to her immediate surroundings. The artist likes to explore what’s at hand and extend links and connections to the wider world. She aims to produce work that might spark some recognition: the familiar and ordinary seen again as just a little bit new or strange. Work generally consists of a combination of developing Jane’s personal practice and/or collaborations with artists from other disciplines, and working with others within a socially-engaged context. She finds that all aspects will overlap and feed into each other.


Jane McInally is  a visual artist based in Glasgow, working with a variety of media: moving image/film & video, animation, photography, digital imaging, drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture. She has created public artworks and outdoor play spaces, moving image and sound installations, artworks and costumes for festivals and events, theatre sets, large scale mosaics and exhibitions. McInally has been involved in collaborations and residencies, and has shown work nationally and internationally. Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1994, she has been involved in socially-engaged projects with galleries, colleges, schools and communities, and works regularly as a workshop leader/tutor, and as a project coordinator.