Felix Welch

Felix Welch‘s work is focused on exploring the idea that the contemporary culture of late capitalism is haunted by the lost futures of modernity, and that the past notions of the ‘future’ have in some way failed, resulting in a disruption of time in an orderly sequence of past, present and future. The result of this disruption leads to temporal disjunctions that affect the representation of visual languages and our perceptions of them in contemporary culture and create a nostalgia for lost futures. Work is an attempt to visualise this phenomenon.


Felix Welch is a 24 year old artist who graduated from the Glasgow School Of Art’s Sculpture and Environmental Art Department in 2015. Felix has spent his time since graduating focusing on developing his practice as a sculptor, exhibiting works at group shows around the UK. Including The Royal Scottish Academy’s New Contemporaries Show at Edinburgh’s National Gallery and as part of Glasgow International’s Across the City Programme in 2016. Currently based in a shared studio space in the east end of Glasgow. Felix’s work explores a contemporary interpretation of modernist ideals through of the conceptual space between sculpture, architecture and industrial design. His work involves multiple materials and processes. The most prevalent being concrete, recast sculpted forms and sheet metal work. Felix is currently working towards the development of a solo show, comprising of a installation of sculptural and video works to be exhibited in 2017.