Emma Hislop

Emma Hislop’s practice surrounds an exposition into perceptions of reality and the measurement/recording/detection of these. Whether this be through phenomena, residue, subversion or documentation - endeavouring to make the intangible palpable. Through methodologies synonymous with phenomenology, self-psychoanalysis and meteorology the artist evokes the object of a person’s perception – phenomena. This is done through a reflexive approach, with how it is measured always affected by what is hunted - what is found depends on what is looked for. This approach currently moves towards two hypotheses;

There is a possibility of occurrence.

There is quantifiable evidence that hierarchy has shifted from epistemology to phenomenology without recognition.

These take shape through a perversion of systems, the tradition of devices, those which have been affected – weathered. She uses of the site as a specific chamber in which existing and manifested phenomena collide. As a Glasgow based, Scottish artist she looks to encourage and further conversation surrounding artistic research/practice-led research aligning the importance of artistic understanding with hierarchical academia in one’s knowledge.