Emil Lillo

Emil Lillo’s sculptural practice is situated around the making and placing of singular objects. By being self-contained, the objects usually attempt to make a distance to any given surrounding – posing as members of something absent or invisible. It is within this dissonance, evoked by the object but located beyond it, where his interest lies.


Emil Lillo holds a MLitt degree in sculpture from Glasgow School of Art and a MA degree in architecture from Lund University. In his practice, these two disciplines have formed a locus around which his work evolves. Recent exhibition and residencies include: Untitled (Market Gallery, Glasgow), Delaying Tactics (HAL, Glasgow), Katy Dove’s Caravan (Balfron), So It Is (The Briggait, Glasgow), Idiorrhythmy(Billytown, Hauge), House Visit (Billytown, Hague), Dear John (London Derry), Che Vuoi ? Beelzebuth (TWB, Glasgow), En Route (Camden Collective, London), Encounter (HAL, Glasgow), Emscher Kunst Triennial(Duisburg).