Christian Noelle Charles

Christian Noelle Charles has recently been living in outside of the United States. Working abroad has offered her a unique of awareness of black female identity and where she exists inside of it. Her goal is to continue to expand the perceptions of identity. For places that she has been living in that are mostly predominantly white, it has a huge recognition and respect for the work has been presented by people of color from the United States. She uses these places as her audience to find a medium and to understand the response of racial identity. This platform is to reflect on current perceptions, opinions, and responses inside her latest work, in an international context.


Christian Noelle Charles (b. Year of the Rooster, New York) is a Black Female Artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. A Syracuse, New York native, Christian’s work is an exploration of female representation and self-love in a contemporary world. Christian takes inspiration from today’s pop culture, modern performance techniques, and personal experiences. She also derives inspiration as a performance artist from the relationship between performer and audience member. By using the various mediums of sculpture, printmaking, video, and performance her work demonstrates a celebration of self-love and individuality.