Aurora Paolillo

Aurora Paolillo tries to escape from the concept of fixity we are constantly referring to. She is interested in showing how our everyday life references are illusory and constructed. Everything is temporary and, like a ‘society mirror’, the work changes in time, but in this “liquidity” there is always a fixed point, given by the use of a stable material. Making sculpture means bringing out the desire for creation and renewal. The sculptures, the ‘objects’ are ‘the symbols in action’. They become containers in which each element has a meaning of an intimate dimension of the human condition. Existentialism, consumerism, anthropology are the objects of her study practice. Forms and materials are related to each other and create a bond characterized by attraction and/or repulsion. The work expresses a continuous tension between movement and stasis.


Aurora Paolillo (b. Torino, Italy) has a MA in Visual Arts (2015) and a BA in Design (2012) from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Torino. Recent Solo exhibitions include Mirror Project #7 – Sensible Objects. The Art of Bonds, Associazione Barriera, 2016, Torino (IT), 339km A/R, duo exhibition, Mapping Contemporary Art Space, 2015, Rovereto (IT). Recent Group exhibitions include Presenza/ Assenza, Ex Convitto dei Santi Martiri, 2018, Torino (IT), Passare il segno, curated by Franco Fanelli, Pinacoteca Albertina, 2017, Torino (IT), Punctum. Working Papers, Fondazione 1563, Bioclimatic Greenhouse, Intesa San Paolo skyscraper, 2016, Torino (IT), Teatrum Botanicum. Emerging Talents, 2016, PAV, Torino (IT), 56° Castellamonte Ceramic Exhibition, Castellamonte, 2016 (IT), The The Others Art Fair 2015, Vanni Autofocus 7, Torino (IT), Biennal of Young Artists, 2015, Palazzo dell’Arengario, Monza (IT), Mail Art, Focus Latin American: art is our last hope, Phoenix Art Museum + MonOrchid Gallery, 2015, Phoenix, Arizona (USA), Incorporeo, Albertina Academy, 2015, Torino (IT)