Andrew Sim

Andrews Sim‘s work focuses on the role objects play in our identity formation and how they connect us to the larger superstructures of society. Recently he has been making large scale sculptures and installations that reference familiar objects either through form or material. He uses this approach to highlight the sculptural qualities of these objects and to remind the viewer of the role these types of objects have played in their memories/experiences.


Andrew Sim graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2014 with a BA Honours Fine Art : First.

June 2012-present : Manager of the Poetry Club
January 2014-present : Host, Perfect Boyfriends (club night)
June 2014-present : Voidoid Gallery
October 2014 : Solo Show, Voidoid Gallery
October-January 2014 : Assistant at Anton Kern Gallery, New York

Andrew is also 1/4 of the artist led curatorial group called Love Unlimited who organise and curate exhibitions: please see: