GSS was established in 1988 as a membership organisation by a small group of recent art graduates, to meet their collective needs for creating three dimensional artworks.

The ongoing development of contemporary sculptural practice over the last 20 years has seen a significant change in the number and make-up of artist members using the facilities and the ongoing technical as well as intellectual, business and social facilitation requirements that they have of the organisation.

We now support over 120 artist members, playing a crucial role as a resource and forum for artists living locally and working globally, by providing an infrastructure to support the development of their work and their careers by nurturing skills, experiences, relationships and professional expertise.

This broadening needs of our artistic community, together with the significant growth and professionalization of programme activities has seen it progress from an artist-run to an artist-led organisation.

We are unique in the UK, as the only facility dedicated to providing opportunities for research, production, presentation and the dissemination of contemporary sculptural practice under one roof.

GSS forms a national infrastructure along with Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden to support sculptural practice throughout Scotland.