Mhairi Sawyer
Director, Glasgow Sculpture Studios

Nick Blair (Chair)
Architect and Director of zmarchitectire which he co-formed in 2004, and has worked on many key projects for Glasgow School of Art and House for an Art Lover.

Catherine Chaffin (Company Secretary)
Release Manager for Clydesdale Bank

Ginny Hutchison (Chair of Operations Advisory Group)
Artist and GSS member/studio holder

Kate V Robertson
Artist and GSS member/studio holder

Nicola Catterall
Chief Operating Officer for National Galleries of Scotland

Tim Hetherington
Structural Engineer

Julia Ossenbruegge
Marketing Manager for Craft Scotland

Jenny Crowe
Director, Platform

The governance of the organisation is overseen by a voluntary Board that is made up of Full members alongside individuals who bring other specialist professional expertise to the organisation (finance, marketing, business planning and development etc.). The Board is also responsible for ensuring Health & Safety, insurance and building and equipment maintenance and policies are up to date. Policy decisions made by the Board are informed by information and/or presentations made by the Advisory Groups and the senior management team and with input from the Membership. New members of the Board can be co‐opted at any time, to fill a recognised skills gap. These members are subsequently put forward for formal election to the board at the next relevant AGM. The GSS Board meet 6 times per year and as required.