Winnie Herbstein works across video, text and sculpture. Her work seeks to investigate the silences and gaps in our ‘official’ narratives. Recent projects have considered gendered spaces and materials, whilst thinking about ways in which we can live our lives differently.


Winnie Herbstein‘s solo shows include: Brace, Jupiter Woods, London, England (2019); STUDWORK, Glasgow International (2018); Before I could speak, X spoke, Outpost Gallery. Norwich, England (2017); Soft Shoulder, SWG3 Gallery. Glasgow, Scotland (2016). Group exhibitions include: Citizens, Hospitalfield Arts. Arbroath, Scotland (2017); Domestic Observations, Jace Space. Los Angeles, USA (2016); Bit Between Teeth w/ Sofia Duchovny, Sattler and Pötszch. Leipzig, Germany (2016).