Art allows the artist to become mediator in creating a statement that comments on humanities social and physical existence. In response to this Claire McGinlay has created a large body of work that revolves around the body and the gaze in order to question the human condition. In some instances the artist worked with dance and performance as a means of investigating these ideas;  she also worked with casting –specifically with latex – to give the sense of displacing the body and creating a sense of absence that emphasizes identity.


Claire McGinlay is concerned with systems and mechanics, specifically those that revolve around social constructs and identity. Her main source of inspiration is studying key terms in anthropology and sociology. This has led Claire to create work focussing on the objectifying gaze and performativity within society. From this research she has gained a massive interest in set design and character building. Her main aim is to put an emphasis on elements that define social class and therefor society as a whole. Another element to Claire’s work is looking at process and authenticity – how much of the work should be and can be made purely by the artist themselves. This idea of authenticity brings in to play artist’s interest in the gaze within art and its relationship to identity and queer theory. By the gaze Claire means the objectifying gaze that determines what an art work becomes. This then becomes relatable within society as she questions how the same gaze forms a persons character i.e we become what others perceive of us.