There is a stack of paintings in the studios, built up over the years. The paintings are quite small, on paper and made with acrylic paint. They have an early 20th century look: a diluted mix of Surrealism and decorative painting; caught between abstraction and figuration, pictorial compositions are pursued and the principal mode of action is colour play. I go through this stack, watching the paintings that, quite by accident, pleasingly match or suggestively clash. These incidental collages are cropped then glued together or the starting point for painting anew. After wondering at framing, I began to build wooden structures to carry the paintings. Those supports and the paintings slowly grew dependent; no longer divided, the two have become one.


Andrew Kerr lives and works in Glasgow. Recent solo shows include: Wyndham School of Dancing, The Modern Institute, Brick Room, Glasgow (2016); Away with Nora, BQ, Berlin (2015); The gallery is beside…, Rat Hole Gallery, Tokyo (2015); the Other Shop, The Modern Institute, Aird’s Lane, Glasgow (2014). Inverleith House,  Edinburgh (2011) and Kunstverein Bremerhaven (2009) have also held solo exhibitions; and a book on Andrew Kerr’s work was published by Inverleith House at the time of their show. Recent group shows include: I Cheer a Dead Man’s Sweetheart, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill (2014); A Picture Show, GOMA, Glasgow (2013).

Kerr spent three months working with Justin Stephens and Marie-Michelle Deschamps on an improvised, indeterminate exhibition for the 2016 Glasgow International.