In recent practice Jack Cheetham’s work has been concerned with why communities attach importance to specific places and things, through interrogating paraphernalia associated with certain lifestyles and the re-contextualization of particular moments. Through versions of recycling, ornamentation and a kind of editing processes he questions contemporary ideas of masculinity, labour, tradition, storytelling, identity, education, humour, and fantasy. Often the outcomes of this process are purposefully eclectic, and disjointed from the next, mimicking the complex experiences and objects we encounter in this highly consumerist time.


Jack Cheetham (b. 1986, based in Glasgow) holds an MFA from The Glasgow School of Art (2014). Cheetham also participated in the MFA exchange programme at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Tel Aviv/Jerusalem (2013). Solo projets: Gurdy, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh Scotland (2017); Chris, Horatio Junior, London, England (2014). Group projects: Bradley xx, Crownpoint Gallery/Glasgow International, Glasgow, Scotland (2016); Lair, VoidoidARCHIVE, Glasgow, Scotland (2016); I-Drogum, Akurey Art Museum, Akurey, Iceland (2016); Treat Yo Self, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, England (2015); Prehistoric Loom, Yada Shimin Gallery, Nagoya Japan (2015); Dear Green, ZK/U, Berlin, Germany (2014); How Many Shades Would an Artist Pack for Holidays? Neoterismoi Toumazou, Nicosia, Cyprus (2013). Publication/Journals: Uncle Chop Chop, Glasgow Scotland (edited by Beagles & Ramsay). Residencies: Micro Residency, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh Scotland (2017); Emerging Artist Residency, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden Scotland (2015); Fffast Summer Residency, Neoterismoi Tomazou, Nicosia Cyprus (2013).