Freya Edwards‘ work is concerned with establishing a marriage between colour, form and texture. The forms of her work are inspired by a combination of architectural arrangements, taken from the construction sites she passes every day, with shapes or objects that might be construed as being bodily or sexual. By juxtaposing disparate objects, Freya wants to undermine their traditional function – ceramic pots without utility, heavy industrial scaffolding used to display silly, sexy drawings. The artist wants the two different languages – of industry and craft – to interact in such a way that the work questions traditional gender roles. The materials she has used to create the work reflect these disparate languages: industrial, hard-wear materials like iron and cement with paint and clay.


Freya Edwards (b. Tokyo) completed a degree (BA Hons Fine Art) at Chelsea College of Art in 2017 and currently lives and works in Glasgow. Past exhibitions include Misshapen Chaos of Well-Seeming Forms in Pince Gallery, Budapest (2015) and Translations, a Group exhibition in CLG05 Space, London (2016).