Kirsten Gow holds an eternal fascination with the point at which the land meets the sea.  The landscape, seascape and stories of the west coast of Scotland provide ample fodder for her imagination, and the relationship between humans and this natural environment is one that offers constant inspiration. Gow often uses subtle text or seemingly abstract, delicate detail within her glasswork to tell stories which might be missed by the casual observer.  In doing so, each piece patiently carries its secrets within itself, waiting for these tales to be uncovered by curious travellers.


Kirsten Gow is an artist and maker based in the west of Scotland. Primarily working in glass she has also explored printmaking, ceramics, silversmithing, metal work and wood work as part of her creative process. After graduating from a HND in glass design Gow went on to receive several awards and nominations for her work including The Lady MacDonald Prize from the Incorporation of Wrights in Glasgow.  She was one of 16 artist selected for the Contemporary Glass Society’s New Graduate Review and her work has featured in Craft & Design magazine and Neues Glas – New Glass, Art & Architecture magazine.