Natalia Janula‘s practice employs a material vocabulary of base metals, humanoid silicone casts, cosmetic accessories, oyster shells, high-viscosity liquids and repurposed electronics.  All this playfully equivocates between organic and synthetic. Sometimes the artist calls them technorganic because they are simulating entities whose physiology include both technological and biological components. Natalia enjoys pondering on the relationship between organic and artificial materiality intertwined into ever changing nature of new technology. The artist feels it is becoming more liquid in both application and substance. The final expression of this romance forms an off-kilter specimen cabinet for an age in which the human and the technological become ever more fundamentally intertwined and pervasive data-collection is wrapped in misnomers appropriated from the lexicon of the ‘natural’. Natalia’s recent collaborative project with Richard Muller titled Homunculus features silicone molds- skin like surfaces, latex laser cut ‘garments’  as well as floating, fragile anatomical body parts, unsettling and mundane.


Natalia Janula lives and works in Warsaw and London. She graduated from the Slade School of fine Arts in 2015 where she was awarded MFA Full Scholarship. Her recent works has been exhibited in: Primordial stew/fleshy bits, Harts Lane Gallery, London, February 2016; Prjkt Mon:Dust, Safehouse, Peckham, London, July 2016; Substance Rift, House of Vans, London, May 2016; Cacophonia, Peckham Pelican, London, March 2016; Objects from the temperate Palm House, Bargain Spot, Edinburgh, January 2016; Beep Bleep Deeper Sleep, Solo show, Union Gallery, London, June 2015; Beep Bleep Deep Sleep, Slade School of Fine Arts, London, June 2015.