Madeleine Hope-Fraser‘s work is a concisely edited compilation of reactions to her intentionally changing environment. The artist seeks an incentive to generate work based on the emerging details of an environment, whether menial and abject or complicated and publicized, these details might take form as an inanimate object or human interaction. Madeleine amasses a mental collection and then compresses it into coherent thought. The result is an abstraction; a convergence of scrutinized internal meaning expressed and executed in minimal sculpture and installation predominantly using wood and metal.


Madeleine Hope-Fraser is a Toronto born visual artist living in Glasgow. She initially pursued her BFA in 2009 at Queen’s University before leaving higher education and later returning to complete her degree in Sculpture and Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art. The practice she has developed throughout the formative years of an art school education is one highly influenced by a deliberately changing environment. Personally instilling importance in elements of experiences derived from places new and old. She works primarily in wood and metal to create minimal and exacting sculptures that embody the abstract thought, extracted from these experiences.