At the crux of Nick Evans’ practice is an aim to demystify – but not satirise – the idea of authentic self-expression in visual art. Firstly there is the desire for a historically-grounded sensibility to operate in both the making and the viewing of the work. Secondly and perhaps contrarily – the work avoids an over-reliance on esoteric references for validation. In Evans’ practice an acute awareness of art history is always combined with an analytical approach to materials and processes. This two-fold rigour is the framework in which to experience an anxious kind of mythopoeism.


Nick Evans (born 1976 in Mufulira, Zambia) graduated from the Environmental Art course at The Glasgow School of Art in 2000, spending a year of this study at the Royal College of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Important exhibitions have included: /prospekt/ Funktion / Disfunktion – Kunstzentrum Glasgow, Neues Museum Nürnberg, Nuremberg (2013); Solar Eyes, Tramway, Glasgow (2013); Primary School, Inverleith House, Edinburgh (2008); and Abstract Machines, Tate St Ives, Cornwall (2006). In 2011 he was awarded the National Galleries of Scotland inaugural Artists’ Fellowship Award. Currently he is undertaking an AHRC research studentship at Northumbria University. He lives and works in Glasgow.