Fellowship Exhibition by Katie Schwab

Making the Bed, Laying the Table

Preview: 5pm – 7 pm Saturday 09 July, 2016

Glasgow Sculpture Studios presents an exhibition by Katie Schwab, developed throughout her one year Graduate Fellowship at GSS from November 2015 until November 2016. The exhibition takes its title from a new collection of works made by Florence Dwyer, Katie Schwab and Simon Worthington addressing ideas of collective making and communal living. The exhibition also contains a video work by Katie Schwab and Ed Emery, a text by Rosanna McLaughlin and a screening event in July organised by Jamie George.

Schwab is interested in the politics of constructing and inhabiting living space: how the building, designing, furnishing and upkeep of rooms can reveal the values, economies and politics of the people that live there. She is particularly interested in communal living situations, and how an individual voice might be found within the context of a shared living space.

Her work is multi-disciplinary and combines various forms of craft and fine art including video, text, tapestry, embroidery, ceramics and functional furniture embracing both contemporary technological making processes, and traditional craft techniques. Her works are often choreographed together in installations in a ‘communal’ exhibition space. Her installations combine objects that embrace both contemporary technological innovation and traditional craft processes (e.g. tapestry- weaving, wood turning).

The work she makes stems from an interest in 19th, 20th and 21st century domestic design and social living space. She is particularly interested in the furniture, architecture and home-ware of communities who believed in the importance, whether social, religious or political, of design and craft in everyday life. Recent work has explored the objects and living spaces of 1960s leftists, the Bauhaus, the Shakers and present day communes.

Katie Schwab received her MFA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2015 and has exhibited at the Voidoidarchive, Glasgow; Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London; Temporary Agency, New York; Airspace Gallery, Stoke-On-Trent; Jerwood Visual Arts Project Space, London; Limazulu, London & Kaus Australis, Rotterdam.

The 2015 Graduate Fellowship is generously supported by The Craignish Trust and The Fenton Arts Trust


Information about the Fellowship:

The Fellowship running since 2005 is awarded annually to a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art’s Master of Fine Art Programme. Running for one year the award comprises of annual GSS Artist Membership, private studio accommodation, access to professional opportunities and specialist communal production facilities, training and curatorial, technical and administrative support. In addition to the above, funding is secured towards realising a solo project, as part of the GSS Public Programme.

The 2015 selection panel for the award were Louise Briggs, Programme Coordinator, Glasgow Sculpture Studios; Simon Gowing, Curator, SWG3 Gallery; Rosie O’Grady, Programme Assistant, Glasgow Sculpture Studios; James Rigler, Artist & GSS Studio Holder and Laura Simpson, Programme Manager, Hospitalfields.

Past recipients of the Graduate Fellowship have included Marysia Gacek (2015) Tessa Lynch (2014), Scott Rogers (2013), Alex Impey (2012), Sarah Forrest (2011), Risa Tsunegi (2010), Carla Scott Fullerton (2009) and Laura Aldridge (2007).