Sukaina Kubba’s work explores the limits of representation through a rigorous investigation of material and form.  She employs methods of manual and digital manipulation, where fabrics, materials and digital recording processes are exposed to light and circumstances in which surfaces fade or decompose. Kubba investigates surfaces and materials in their capacity as signifiers – through the history of their origin, trade and manufacture, as well as visual fields – through the deployment of their textures as landscape and narrative indices. Kubba’s recent installations are set up as enlarged diagrams and architectural models, and imbued with fictionalized narratives.


Sukaina Kubba was born in Baghdad, and currently lives and works in Glasgow. Kubba’s latest exhibtion was ‘As You Were,’ a collaboration with Carmel O’Brien, and Opera Autonoma, at Glasgow International 2016.  Recent exhibitions include ‘Work Out’ at Hilary Crisp Gallery in London in 2014, ‘Le Swimming’ at GI2104;  ‘Lucy Donna’ at the Underground Car Park in 2014; and ‘Pavor Nocturnus,’ a solo exhibition at Kendall Koppe Gallery, Glasgow in 2013. Kubba was recently a Studio Tutor and Exhibition Curator for the Phoenix Bursaries at The Glasgow School of Art, and is currently a visiting lecturer for the GSA Masters in Research in Creative Practices.  Her next exhibition will be a two-person show with Natalie McGowan at Intermedia at the CCA, Glasgow in Sep 2016.