MAP presents | Footnoting the Archive at Glasgow Sculpture Studios

With | Sarah Forrest & Laura Edbrook | Sarah Neely | Daisy Lafarge | Debi Banerjee & Kirsty Hendry

2-4pm, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Saturday 11 June 2016

Free, booking essential. Tickets available via Eventbrite.

MAP presents a live event as part of Footnoting the Archive, produced by guest editors Suzanne van der Lingen and Claire Walsh. For this event, contributors have been invited to present work in response to the overall editorial theme. The programme includes:

It is this it is this, it is this – Laura Edbrook & Sarah Forrest

A performative video-essay presented by Laura Edbrook and Sarah Forrest on the manner of distance from and closeness to in the work and biography of Scottish poet and filmmaker, Margaret Tait. Commissioned by Suzanne van der Lingen and Claire Walsh for Footnoting the Archive, MAP 2016.

Margaret Tait – Sarah Neely

Sarah Neely will present a series of fragments from Margaret Tait’s film archive, exploring the late filmmaker’s practice. The presentation will provide a context for It is this it is this, it is this, exploring Neely’s research in relation to Tait’s archive.

Scoring the Archive – Debi Banerjee & Kirsty Hendry

Debi Banerjee and Kirsty Hendry invite you to a reading workshop based on research into Section V, an experimental programme ran by Ted Odling at Glasgow School of Art from 1965 – mid 1970s. Participants will collectively explore the role of the ‘anecdotal archive’ by voicing and making public the notebooks, letters, diaries, and personal accounts absent from the bureaucratic record.

Northia – Daisy Lafarge

Daisy Lafarge will present a performative reading as a primer to her commissioned text for MAP (to be published summer 2016) in which she proposes undertaking an archaeological approach to the MAP archive.