Alisa Baremboym & Liz Magor In-Conversation

Saturday 9 April, 3pm

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Join artists Alisa Baremboym and Liz Magor in-conversation with curator Kyla McDonald, where they will be discussing the nature of materiality within our contemporary world, and how each artist looks at these ideas and reconstitutes them within their respective works. The talk will take place in the gallery at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, amidst the exhibition You be Frank, and I’ll be Earnest.

Alisa Baremboym (b.1982 in Moscow, Russia) lives and works in New York, USA. Baremboym’s work explores the surreal leakage between our bodies and the industrial substances that are increasingly prevalent in our environment. Articulating a post-industrial or post-technological state where the lines between our bodies and those external (un-natural) materials are in constant flux.

Liz Magor (b. 1948 in Winnipeg, Canada) lives and works in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her work is predominantly sculptural using objects that have been cast, fabricated or altered in order to shift them away from their habitual use and meaning.

Kyla McDonald is Artistic Director at Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

Alisa Baremboym ~ Liz Magor: You be Frank, and I’ll be Earnest is open at Glasgow Sculpture Studios from 8 April—4 June 2016.