Alisa Baremboym ~ Liz Magor

You be Frank, and I’ll be Earnest

Preview: Thursday 7 April 2016, 3–5pm

Glasgow Sculpture Studios is pleased to announce a two-person exhibition with Alisa Baremboym (b. 1982) and Liz Magor (b. 1948), presented as part of Glasgow International 2016.

The frailty of the human body, slippage between object and image, and interactions between the organic and inorganic are common themes that permeate both artists’ practices.

Baremboym’s sculptures are hybrids of machine-made objects fused with organic materials. Digitally printed fabrics, hard-edged mangled steel, cables, plastic tubes, unglazed ceramics, resin, gelled emollient and vinyl all appear in her work. She explores the cross-contamination between our bodies and the industrial substances that are increasingly prevalent in our environment; articulating a post-industrial or post-technological state where the lines between our bodies and those external (un-natural) materials are in constant flux.

Magor’s work examines the unstable character of objects, ideas and humans, exploring how information is shaped and made ostensible in objects and people. Referencing domestic environments or objects from daily life she questions the desire, and sometimes compulsion, for emotional and physical comfort, and the fragility of the human body and identity.

For more information click here.  The exhibition continues until 4 June 2016.

Supported by Glasgow International, The Henry Moore Foundation and The Elephant Trust.