Sculpture Club for Under 8’s & Under 12s!

Saturday 30 January 2016
Under 8’s 12-2pm & Under 12’s 3-5pm
This activity is suitable for 6-12 year olds

No booking required

What do you dream about? How can we experience another person’s dream?

Join us this Saturday 30 January for a workshop with artist Beth Shapeero and make structures and build environments to share our strangest sleep adventures. Recall your dreams, tell surreal stories, record them and make sculptural structures to play your imaginings back to an audience. This workshop will focus on the listening environment, how we perform our stories and will involve building structures and learning how to hook up a simple speaker, amp and mp3 player.

The Sculpture Club will be coming back in early March 2016 with a new format and activities for 3-14 year olds. Please check the website for updates