Lauren Gault: Granular & Crumb

Saturday 5 September 2015

4 – 6pm
GSS Gallery

As part of the Scotland wide programme ‘Ripples on the Pond’ Lauren Gault will present a special event encompassing an extended version of her film work ‘Granular & Crumb’ while reflecting on her recent exhibitions ‘Plosive Blows’ at Hotel Maria Karpa, Hoorn, The Netherlands and ‘fugue states’ at the CCA Glasgow.

Lauren Gault comes to film as a ‘fragment’ in a predominantly sculpture-based practice that is marked for its concerns with material and lived experiences. She works with the behaviours and conditions of matter aligned to specific processes: preservation and extreme lengths of time, dispersion of fine particles in liquid, terroir, phosphorescence, transparency and in-between malleable and solid states. Objects that are carriers of complex histories and narratives, substances and her ceramics are placed in carefully constructed installations, while the inclusion of moving image and performance in these presentations make film and sculpture mutable encounters.

‘Ripples on the Pond’ is an exhibition which has at its core works from the Glasgow Museums’ Collection. It takes as the starting point recent acquisitions from Glasgow Women’s Library’s 21 Revolutions series, relating them to other works in the collection and sparking questions about gender, themes and media choice in relation to women’s practice and visibility. The exhibition is a conversation between the works in the collection on paper and moving image with invitations to Modern Edinburgh Film School and LUX Scotland to programme artists’ screenings, within and beyond the gallery space.

Ripples on the Pond has been developed with Affiliate: Thinking Collections (a University of Glasgow programme funded by Creative Scotland) and Modern Edinburgh Film School, along with LUX Scotland and Glasgow Women’s Library. The programme is generously supported by Glasgow City Council’s Visual Art Award.