Shireen Taylor’s works are structured around an improvisational approach, employing chance actions and processes of rationalisation which seek to shift and undermine each other, often seeking to describe a space which is at once stable and incoherent. Drawing inspiration from repeat patterns, surface, architecture and science fiction, she establishes rules and modes of construction which ultimately become weightless within the constraints of an image. In this and her production work Shireen seeks to address the shifts in authorship which happen through the development of craft and collaboration, developing projects which move across the disciplines of performance, drawing, sculpture and research.


Shireen Taylor is an artist, arts producer and co-founder of curatorial project The Hidden Noise. Her visual work is primarily concerned with depictions of the ephemeral through a stylised approach to drawing and surface. She frequently collaborates with other artists to realise ambitious projects in research, installation and performance in both temporary, artists run spaces and in established institutions. Selected recent projects include: For Matthew, Mitchell Library, Glasgow; Encounters with Food, Anatomy Rooms, Aberdeen; The United Kingdom of Earth, CCA, Glasgow; New Work, Project Rooms, Glasgow.