Elke Finkenauer associates her work with human experience, specifically the behaviours people adopt to navigate the structures containing them. These have included relationships, social situations, family or work environments, and retail/financial/art markets. Positing the co-existence of simultaneity and contradiction the work is underpinned by matters of gender politics, economics, and the relationship between the said and the unsaid.


Elke Finkenauer (born New Zealand) lives and works in Glasgow. She has a Master of Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art (2015) and a Bachelor of Business Studies from AUT, New Zealand. She has recently been awarded the Hospitalfield Summer Residency (2018) and the Glasgow Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award (2018/19). Recent exhibitions include Priscilla (75) & Friends: A Portrait (2018), Something to Remember (2018) and Saturday Safari (2017).